Opus 1 in HHO

In June 2014, the Danish Municipalities of Hedensted, Horsens and Odder (HHO) selected KR as their care bed supplier. KR won the commission because Opus 1 was considered to be the best bed in the competition from the perspectives of user-friendliness, depot-friendliness and carer-friendliness.


HHO views citizen comfort and opportunities to operate the bed as paramount considerations. With regard to its choice of bed supplier, the tender team emphasised the fact that the Opus 1 provides excellent user comfort because the knee articulation prevents patients from sliding down in the bed at the start of the pre-programmed elevation procedure. This minimises both shear and friction, which patients find unpleasant.


“Eliminates shear by first moving the knee and then the rest of the body up in a multifunction process – this is excellent.”

Extract from the HHO tender team’s assessment of the Opus 1


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At the same time, the group was impressed that bed operation was simple, clear and straightforward.


“It is good that the multifunction button is green. The up and down functions are clearly marked, and it is simple to see where to press to operate the head and foot ends. The control unit sits comfortably in the hand. It is handy to have a hook to hang it on. It is pleasant to hold.”

Extract from the HHO tender team’s assessment of the Opus 1


The product also scored highly on its quality and ‘depot-friendliness’


“Briefly put, positive emphasis was placed on the following factors in the quality category:
- Knee articulation lifts first
- Highly stable, even with the lying surface extension added
- Good brakes, which do not hinder VendLet (EasyTurn)
- Easy to push, maintains a stable direction
- Very easy to dismantle and reassemble
- Short individual parts
- Easy to store (both on a bed trolley and in its own frame)”

Stella Gaarde, Purchasing and Tender Consultant in the Purchasing Partnership for Hedensted, Horsens and Odder


We are looking forward to working closely with the three local authorities in East Jutland.


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