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Shorter periods of hospitalisation are set to make major demands on municipal care in the future. The same applies to the ambition for more self-caring citizens, the increasing proportion of senior citizens and the rising ratio of citizens to carers.


Fortunately, the Danish healthcare sector is staffed by talented ‘firebrands’ dedicated to helping develop and improve our care beds and other equipment for home care and the Danish nursing homes, so they can continue to ‘work smarter, not harder’.


Through workshops, employee appraisal interviews and close dialogue with technicians, healthcare staff, purchasers and cleaning assistants, KR is working continuously to ensure that all the welfare technology we deliver is backed by the best business cases on the market.


We supply products with a long service life, that require a bare minimum of repairs, and which help to save working hours and assure the working environment of those people who actually work with our beds. Read the story of Opus 1 in Norway


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